Senior General Engineer

Are your brilliant programming talents too big for a narrow box in corporate game development? Are you inspired by solving hard problems using any means necessary?  Want to work in an open environment with smart people who respect what you do and are eager to work together?

Bluepoint Games is a completely independent and financially stable video game development company comprised of industry veterans who believe that hiring nothing but top talent means better products and a better environment, with less overhead and politics. We are looking for a SENIOR GENERALIST ENGINEER join our team on a full time basis developing AAA titles for latest-gen home consoles.

Remember why you joined the industry in the first place? That job is waiting for you.


  • Know the rules, know why they exist and when (and when not) to break them
  • Fluency in more computing languages than human languages
  • Ability to wring the last drop of performance out of any CPU, GPU, or SPU
  • Have shipped more games than you have owned cars
  • Know that “writing” the multithreaded code is the easy part
  • Avoid unnecessary use of inheritance, templates, and operator overloading
  • Rarely, if ever, break the build
  • Can write 50 lines of code and it compiles the first time (and very nearly works, too)
  • Have a fairly accurate sense as to when a debugger is lying to you
  • Believe that data is just code too
  • Have messed with so much different code, you can only consider yourself a “generalist”
  • Are that go-to person other programmers come to with their questions


  • Real influence and leadership opportunities in a small, respectful team of veteran developers
  • Extremely competitive salary and bonuses along with excellent healthcare plans let you worry more about the work
  • Scenic studio space on the river in Austin, TX with all the perks you’d expect from a professional studio that invests heavily in its workforce

About Bluepoint

Bluepoint Games is located in Austin, TX, and we specialize in technologically innovative console games and game engine development. We are committed to the highest quality gaming experiences.

With roots in original development, our team has remastered award-winning PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360 classics in high(er) definition for leading consoles (God of War Collection, ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Flower, Gravity Rush Remastered, Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection). We also provided our expertise to co-development efforts on Sony’s PlayStation All-Stars (developed on the Bluepoint Engine) and Respawn’s Titanfall.

We are passionately at work remaking a classic for current-gen game systems, growing our capabilities as a team and raising the bar for what fans anticipate from us.

To Apply

If you feel you qualify and you’re interested in joining us, please email your resume and materials to Include “SENIOR GENERALIST ENGINEER” and your name in the subject line.

If you currently reside outside of the US, please state whether you are legally authorized to work in the US.