Flower Released on PS4 and Vita

2013 December 9
by Randall

Next gen is here, and just as with the PlayStation 3, Bluepoint is at the leading edge of a console launch with the evolutionary release of thatgamecompany’s Flower for PlayStation 4. We’ve spent a significant amount of time improving the visual fidelity and fluidity of Flower from its PS3 predecessor, while working closely with TGC and Sony’s Santa Monica Studio to ensure the remastered PS4 version remained true to the classic elegance of the original. A small list of improvements we’ve made to the game include enhanced motion controls, full 1080p resolution running at 60 frames per second, and more than 300,000 blades of more realistic grass on screen (3X the PS3’s limit), all individually influenced by the wind and the petals you guide .

Screenshot from Flower on PlayStation 4

Judging by the response we’ve seen on various forums and review sites, it seems everyone is quite happy with our efforts. As a result, Flower currently stands as the highest rated PS4 title available – 93 is the current Metacritic score as of this writing – something which both honors and excites us as a team.

Another piece of news we’re very proud of is the fact that we were able to get Flower running on the PlayStation Vita at the same visual fidelity as the PS3! Not only does the game run beautifully on the Vita, but we’ve tweaked and improved the controls for the Vita release specifically. We’ve added a touch feature that allows you to guide the petals with your thumbs along the left and right edges of the touch screen in a very intuitive way.

To put a bow on this present, if you buy any digital release of Flower, you get the other two platforms’ releases for free. If you already own the digital release of Flower for PS3, guess what? You now also own the PS4 and the Vita versions automatically! Just head to the PlayStation Store for each of those platforms and you should be able to download them immediately.

As always, keep an eye out for more news from us here or on our twitter account @Bluepointgames.

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