The Bluepoint Engine (BPE) is a vertically integrated cross platform game engine and toolset for PC and consoles.

The BPE is game genre agnostic, and is specifically designed to work for all types of games without compromising project workflow.

Feature highlights include:

  • Innovative component based object editing and visual scripting system
  • Rapid iteration using live property update and asset hot loading
  • Powerful handle based renderer with support for standard rendering features, including normal mapping, custom shader support, particles, animation blend trees and offline lightmap generation
  • Unique visual state machine editor allows for rapid creation of complex AI’s
  • Automatic code generation for script components and properties reduces programming workload and errors
  • Addition features include rigid body physics, AI pathfinding, robust asset system with streaming, perforce integration, and FMOD or WWISE sound system integration

The BPE has been used to develop Blast Factor with its expansions and features of the BPE were used in the remastering of God of War® and God of War® 2 for the PS3. The engine is currently being used in the creation of unannounced titles in development by other studios.